Photograph by Julianna Brown Eyes

Girls Rock Pine Ridge 2017

Camp 2017 was held from June 26-July1 at Pine Ridge High School. 

We were proud to have 15 campers in attendance from ages 8 to 13. These 15 campers made up 4 bands that performed at our showcase on July 1, 2017 in the Thorpe's gym.  


This year's bands included:

The Dreamers

The Lightning Girls

The Thorpe Roses

Midnight Rose


For 2017, we were happy to invite back some of the same workshop leaders as camp 2016. We also were happy to invite brand new workshop leaders. 



Lyrics and melody with 

Eva Gouevia

Women in Art

Art History and activity with

Ashley Pourier 

Moon Cycle Beads

Discussion of changing bodies with 

Mandy Hill


with Lauren Big Crow

Nutrition And Lifestyle

with Amanda Carlow

From Bowie to Gaga

Makeup as expression with

Julianna BrownEyes-Clifford

Racial stereotyping

Discussion on representation of Native Americans in media with Caryna Pourier and self portraits and adjectives with

Audrey Jacobs 

women in rock history 

Presentation of women in the metal scene with Davidica Young Man II

Finding your voice

Activism with Davidica Littlespottedhorse

























Thank you to all of our wonderful workshop leaders!

Girls Rock Pine Ridge 

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