Songwriting 101 with Eva Gouevia

Campers talked about the basic structure of a song along with what inspires them, what feelings they are experiencing, and how to put it all into words. 

Zine Making with Mo and Kate

Campers were introduced to self publishing and creative expression in a zine format. 

The Perfect Myth with Caryna Pourier

Campers observed and discussed the portrayal of women in media, creating collages to represent both positive and negative portrayals. 

Body Love with Juliana Browneyes

Campers heard about Juliana's journey as an artist with maintaining a consciousness of culture and self care. Each camper potted a small succulent to materialize the importance of self care. 

Hello Mama Moon! with Mandy Hill

Campers talked about their monthly moon cycle and what each different part of the cycle looks or feels like. They made corresponding bracelets to go with each part of the cycle, incorporating the colors of the medicine wheel: red, yellow, white, and black. 

Healthy Relationships with Mandy Hill 

Campers discussed what Good vs. Bad relationships look like and how they would want another person to treat them. 

Beadwork for Bombshells with Lauren Big Crow

Campers chose from headbands to medicine bags and beaded their work using needle, thread, leather, and glass beads.

Womxn who rock! with Davidica Little Spotted Horse

Campers heard Davidica's journey as a self producing woman in music as well as how to be your own biggest advocate. 

Know your worth with Santana Youngman 

Campers heard from Miss Oglala Lakota Nation about knowing your own self worth through self expression and acceptance. 

Archery with Elaine Yellowhorse

Campers practiced and mastered their archery skills with target practice. 

Healing hands with Edwina Fillsthepipe

Campers underwent some much needed TLC, recieving hand massages while hearing about Edwina's journey in massage therapy. 

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Girls Rock Pine Ridge 


2016 marked our first year of camp! It was held from July 4-July 9 at Red Cloud Indian School. We were proud to have 16 campers in attendance from ages 8 to 13. These 16 campers made up 4 bands that performed at our showcase on July 9, 2016.


We had many talented volunteers from the community and beyond. Each day consisted of instrument instruction, band practice, local lunch time performers, and two unique workshops a day.


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Girls Rock Pine Ridge 

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